Sonntag, 5. April 2015

Trip to the Beach

On Wednesday we left Seville to go to the beach for three days. My hostfamily owns a house right next to the sea where we would stay. At this time I had already seen dozens of Semana Santa processions and I was glad to get some time off from the boiling and crowded city. We arrived at the beach in the night after a 1,5 h trip and went to bed right after.
The next morning we slept in and went to the beach. We spend a great time laying in the sun and relaxing. Later, we had lunch and made a trip to Portugal which I enjoyed a lot.
On friday, we started the day as lazy as on thursday and hung around the house studying. In the evening, we were invited to a family dinner and watched Semana Santa processions from the balcony of the house in which we stayed. I met many nice people and had a very good time.
On saturday, the day of my birthday, we left early in the morning to head back to Seville.

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