Dienstag, 24. März 2015

First Days in Seville

View from the Cathedral downtown
By tonight, the second day of my stay in Seville is going to be over. I've already seen a lot in this time and I have made the aquaintance of many great and interesting people. On Monday, the day after I arrived in Seville, I left the home of my host family at 9:30 am to follow a map to the school in which the coordinator of my exchange, Daniel Orosco, was already waiting for me. He then showed me the way through the city to the primary school in which I would be about to intern. From the moment of my arrival in the school everyone was very welcoming and kind to me and I felt very pleased. Dagmar, a german teaching assistant at the school, which is teaching most classes bilingual in Spanish and German, showed me around, introduced me to the stuff and explained to me which tasks I would be doing in the following four weeks.
The school in which I intern
Since then, I got to know approximalty 100 children from all ages between 4 and 12 and assisted the teachers in issues of pronounciation and vocabulary of the German language. I also helped doing an inventory and preparing worksheets for class. In the afternoons, my host-brother Andres has showed me around the beautiful city of Seville and I already got to know many sights. Today, in fact, I went up the tower of the biggest gothic catherdral in the world.
Sometimes there are some difficulties following up on everything that's been said, because the accent in the southern region of  Spain is difficult to unterstand. For example, people simply avoid the use of the character 's' in most words.  Therefore 'pues' becomes 'pue' and 'adios' 'adio'. Also, people are talking really fast. Still though, my spanish has already imroved remarkebly during those days, since I almost only speek spanish to my host family and most teachers at school.
I'm very much looking forward to many more days to come!

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